Day 4 Journey beyond the wall: Enroute Tromso

With a heavy heart and determination to come back again, I took the train from Kiruna to Narvik, a town in Norway bordered to Sweden. The train journey which passed by Abisko was remarkable. The landscape started to change as I entered Norway. The iconic Norwegian fjords which had left me mesmerized during my last visit to Norway, were distinctively attractive wrapped in the winter skin.

Buses were the only form of public transportation to Tromso from Narvik owing to the difficult terrains. The four hour bus ride had a flavor of my journey from Manali to Leh couple of years back. Though the original plan was to sleep through the journey and recover for the adventures awaiting in Tromso, I couldn’t close my eyes through the entire ride.

Norwegian Fjord: Narvik

In Tromso, I was couchsurfing with an Italian PhD scholar. He had this great place with a lake close by and the view of the sea from the backyard. My host, Filippo had couple of friends coming over for dinner and had a nice house party with Italian pasta and wine. There were people from around 7 different nationalities and it was amazing, how well we connected with each other.

Just before the dinner when I went out to get groceries, there were Northern lights again. Continuing the show from the day before, this time was equally intense and wonderfully dynamic. Having had taken sufficient photos already to quench the photographer’s thirst in me, I decided to spend more time savoring the charisma and enjoy the dance of the nature.

Some picture of Northern Lights from Tromso: The city lights clearly had a negative impact on photos


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