Day 8: Finale at the Doomsday vault

It was the final day of my trip and I had decided to explore the valleys and the mountains. The weather was perfect and the town unveiled its beauty shielded by majestic peaks and the sea.

I finally crossed the polar bear danger sign entering the advent valley along with the tour group. The vast expanse of winter wonderland that lay ahead of me offered a pristine panorama to behold. I could see tiny dots of people going on sledges and snow mobile expeditions to the east coast and small other settlements in the island. Companies organize even week long expedition. It appealed as something that I should venture in the future.

The final stop of tour and my trip was the Global Seed vault. This was one of the attractions that I was really looking forward to visit in Svalbard. This vault constructed in a mountain, houses seeds of most of the species of plants on the earth. The remote location and permafrost provided ideal conditions for such a vault which could be the future in the event of an unexpected calamity.  The vault is not open for visitors and is considered to be a very secure establishment. I was surprised to see that the vault was open and people were entering it. I had a fleeting hope of seeing the inside of the vault. Obviously I had to get satisfied with just a peek into it. On that day, it was receiving 50,000 new samples from countries around the world including India due to which it was open. The recent wars in Syria had resulted in first ever withdrawal of some seeds from the vault to replace a collection in the city of Aleppo.

Filled with memories and experiences to cherish for a lifetime I descended from the seed vault heading to the airport. Determined to come back and explore more I bid adieu to this mysterious land.


On the way to the Global Seed Vault:

Doomsday Vault:


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